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Brian Scott Whetstone is a professional in live and pre-recorded production work.

During broadcasting and live events, Brian's work has run the entire signal path. He is equally at home behind the camera or playback machine to the switcher or editing bay all the way to the projector or broadcast tower.

Brian is Barco certified on both projectors and switchers.  He is also trained and experienced in the engineering and operating of Vista's Spyder as well as Grass Valley, Echolabs, and many other production systems.

Watchout, GVG Turbos, Doremi, and physical tape decks are also in his bag of tricks.

He is also adept at directing cameras and calling the entire show.

He even has a background in basic A/V equipment and IT including networking, PowerPoint, Photoshop, and various other office and multimedia applications.

In film and video production projects, again, Brian's hands-on experiences have reached almost every possible position.  He worked as a production manager on feature films.  He has worked as a one man production team producing, writing, directing, shooting, and editing countless industrials, commercials, television productions.

To mention of few highlights:

Brian has worked as a video-journalist and editor for outlets including NBC, Fox News, and CNN.

In live events, his credits include work with Sammy Hagar, Eddy Money, Lone Star, REO Speedwagon, Patti La Belle, Little Richard, ESPN's Great Outdoor Games, X-Box 360 Kickoff Party, Playstation 3's Lunch Event, Several Auto Show, and The Comic-Con International.

At corporate meetings, he has worked with Sony, Yamaha, Deloitte & Touche, Toyota, Kawasaki, Home Depot, and Morgan Stanley.

Brian currently employed with Creative Technology in Los Angeles where he is always on the lookout for new opportunities to expand his knowledge while enjoying new adventures