• Efficiently supervised large union and non-union crews at entertainment and corporate events and conferences
  • Organized daily live broadcast news coverage
  • Successfully staged live performances and recorded productions for various musical acts
  • Managed musical acts booking shows throughout Florida
  • Skillfully oversaw crews on film and video productions, short and long format
  • Profitably operated own business

  • Checked beats and generated news stories daily
  • Regularly secured exclusive interviews and information
  • Wrote white copy for VO's and VO/SOT's
  • Did on-air phoners during natural and man-made disasters
  • Cleverly navigated through government and corporate bureaucracies
  • Completed several projects that received recognition from the Associated Press
  • Earned the trust and respected of public information officers in the military, police, and civil service
  • Interviewed many well-known celebrities, political figures, and athletes
  • Labored under a 24/7 on call status for five years

Television Production
  • Cunningly worked with digital and analogue video in both production work and news gathering operations
  • Wrote, produced, cast, directed, and edited industrials and broadcast advertisements for various products and services
  • Cleverly wrote, produced and directed comedy skits and informative segments for gardening and talk shows
  • Shot promotional footage for television stations
  • Repeatedly completed freelance work for clients including NBC, Fox News Channel, CNN, and Sky News
  • Basic to expert understanding of nearly every piece of equipment used in television and film production

Advertising/Marketing/Public Relations/Promotions
  • Gained exposure for start-up independent Jazz record label in local, regional, and national media
  • Gained exposure for unsigned Rock-N-Roll bands in local, regional, and national media
  • Planned and executed publicity for live musical performances
  • Aided in live promotional events for television station
  • Helped plan and execute promotional contests for television shows
  • Conceived marketing campaigns, including broadcast, print, direct mailings, flyers, brochures, and point of sells material
  • Coached musicians and business professionals on best methods for dealing with reporters and journalist
  • Wrote effective press releases, media kits, speeches, and presentations for record labels, charitable causes, and businesses

Video Engineering
  • Designed and patched numerous composite, component, and high resolution video switching systems
  • Shaded cameras, generated supers, and operated various video playback media during live shows
  • Positioned and matched multiple DLP and LCD video projectors
  • Set up and trouble shot basic A/V, large events, microwave trucks, editing systems,  and closed circuit television systems

Film Production
  • Successfully worked or aided in nearly every position from pre to post production
  • Served as production coordinator/manager on a number of projects
  • Completed several thousands of hours as a production assistant on film sets
  • Wrote, produced, and directed short film

Station Operations
  • Answered phones and dealt with questions and complaints from both clients and viewers
  • Operated studio equipment during live broadcasts including camera, tape op, audio, etc.
  • Planned and help execute live appearances of on-air personalities
  • Represented station in Mardi Gras Parades, at schools, and civic events
  • Meeting Planning and Organization Skills
  • Efficiently arranged all aspects of staging production
  • Worked in inventory control of major A/V warehouse in Southern California
  • Worked as production coordinator and manager of motion pictures, industrials, commercials, and conferences
  • Resourcefully scouted and secured locations for numerous events and productions
  • Ran assignment desk for news operations
  • Operated nearly every production position at multimedia live events

Human Resources/Recruiting/Training
  • Trained and supervised technicians in the operation of various audio-visual equipment
  • Recruited and supervised graphic artists, engineers, actors, and technical production crews for video, film, and live events
  • Recruited, trained, and supervised employees for video post-production work
  • Recruited independent video shops owners to act as agents of film to video and video duplication business
  • Trained and supervised middle school and college students in television production
  • Recruited, trained, and supervised students to volunteer to work on staff of university's news broadcast
  • Recruited businesses and individuals to provide goods and services free or discounted for various productions and charities
  • Recruited and supervised volunteers for grass roots telephone campaigns for worthwhile causes as well as for publicity stunts

Quality Assurance/Auditing/Customer Service
  • Successfully met clients' needs for over fifteen years in both consumer and business to business scenarios
  • Reviewed and oversaw video and audio products to guarantee highest possible production value while staying within budgets
  • Reviewed and oversaw graphic artists' work for point of sale displays and product wrapping
  • Reviewed and oversaw live musical show to assure that all performances were consistent
  • Billed clients and maintained books for film to video transfer business
  • Aided in auditing of receipts and credit card statements for various productions

Computers Skills
  • Familiar with most computer platforms, networking, and typical software such as: Platforms including: Windows, Apple O/S, Linux, and Unix
  • Word Processing including: Corel WordPerfect Suite, Microsoft Word
  • Computer Graphics including: PowerPoint, Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator, Corel Print & Photo Shop
  • Video Editing including: Avid, Premiere, After Effects, Pentacle
  • Internet Applications including: HTML Code, FrontPage, Netmeeting, Outlook, Clarify
  • Productivity and Database Including: Excel, Access, Hiretrack, Precedent,
  • Other: DCM NewsData, Various Character Generator, Scanning, and Audio Software

Office Skills
  • Most common office machinery, e.g., copiers, faxes, paging systems, cellular communications, Intra & Internet, e-mail, word processors, typewriters, (45+ wpm), multi-line telephone systems, calculators, two-way radios, etc.

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