Musical Acts & Concerts
  • Sammy Hagar: EIC and Technical Director
  • REO Speedwagon: EIC and Technical Director
  • Lone Star: EIC, Technical Director, Projectionist
  • Eddy Money: EIC, Technical Director, Projectionist
  • Patti LaBelle: Technical Director and Projectionist
  • Bad Religion: EIC and Projectionist
  • Mos Def: EIC and Projectionist
  • Social Distortion: EIC and Projectionist
  • Foo Fighters: EIC
  • Little Richard: Spot Operator
  • America: Handheld Camera
  • KC and the Sunshine Band: Technical Director
  • Huey Lewis: Long Glass Camera Operator

Corporate Events
  • Sony Computer Entertainment: EIC, Encore Operator, Display Lead. Numerous Events Including E3 and PS3 Launch Event
  • 2008 Auto Show Season: Los Angeles - IT for Ford, Landrover, and Jaguar; Detroit - Turbo for Landrover; Philadelphia - Oversaw Basic AV for Landrover and Jaguar; New York - Encore and ScreenPro Operator
  • USC: EIC, Technical Director, and Projection at numerous events in the Brevard Theater
  • 2007 Auto Show Season: Los Angeles - IT for Landrover, Jaguar, Astin Martin and PowerPoint for Jaguar; Detroit - Watchout Operator for Mazda, IT for Ford Motor Companies; New York - Doremi Operator for Volvo; Los Angeles - IT for Ford Motor Companies and XM Radio; Anaheim, Philadelphia, and San Francisco - Adtec Programmer for Mazda, Landrover, and Jaguar.
  • 2006 International Auto Shows Season: Detroit, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Miami: IT for Ford Motor Companies and XM Radio
  • Herbalife: EIC and Assistant EIC at 2007 and 2008 North America Extravaganza, Assistant EIC at 2008 Asia Extravaganza, EIC at Numerous Corporate Events in Los Angeles
  • Microsoft's X-Box 360 Kick-Off Party: QuVis Operator, Video Editor, DVD Authoring
  • International Comic-Con (2001 to 2005): EIC, Director, Tape Op
  • American Institute of Graphic Artists: EIC at Four "Y" Conferences
  • Thomas-West: Camera Director at 2004 Annual Meeting
  • UCSD: EIC, Projectionist at several large festivals and events        
  • SAIC: Video Director at San Diego Branch's Annual Corporate Meeting
  • NFL Players Party: Video Tech, Tape Op, Technical Director at Superbowl XXXV
  • MYSAP.Com: Video Tech, Tape Op at Sapphire 2000
  • US Bureau of Land Reclamations: EIC and Switcher Operator at Hoover Dam Show for Bureau's 75th Anniversary
  • Calloway Golf: Video Tech, Camera,  and basic AV Tech at numerous events
  • ESPN (Event Productions): EIC at Great Outdoor Games
  • Republican Party of San Diego: PowerPoint Artist for Gov. Pete Wilson Retrospective
  • Plan Parenthood of San Diego: EIC for several Annual Banquets
  • Newspaper Association of America: PowerPoint and Tape Op
  • Morgan Stanley: Video Tech, Camera Director, Long Glass Operator, Video Editor
  • Deloitte & Touche: EIC and Technical Director

Broadcasting & Film
  • The Oscars (2008): Press Room EIC
  • NAACP Image Awards (2007 & 2008): Press Room EIC
  • Daytime Emmy Awards (2007): Press Room EIC
  • Teen Choice Awards (2007): Press Room EIC
  • Farmer Dave & the Garden Gang: Segment Producer, Director
  • Vampire Cop: Production Manager
  • America's Most Wanted: ENG Camera
  • Unsolved Mysteries: ENG Camera
  • CNN: ENG Camera, Editor
  • Fox News: ENG Camera, Editor
  • Sky News: ENG Camera, Editor
  • NBC Nightly News: ENG Camera, Editor
  • Free Association: Producer, Writer, Director
  • The Day the Woman Saved the World: Intern

Commercials & Industrials
  • Splenda Sweetener: Camera
  • Happy Homes Reality: Director, Camera, Editor
  • Suncoast Computer Systems: Director, Camera, Editor
  • Gayfers Department Stores: Director, Camera, Editor
  • Coleco Toys: Production Coordinator
  • A.T. & T.: Production Coordinator
  • Oldsmobile of South Florida: Production Assistant

  • Serenity by the Sea: Project Coordinator, Liner Notes Editor
  • The Jackills (EP): Producer, Songwriter
  • The BRATS…Freedom Without Responsibility: Producer, Songwriter, Musician

  • Escambia County Beacon: Contributing Writer
  • Sentinel Newspapers of Florida: Contributing Writer
  • New American Press: Contributing Writer

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